In 1970, scandal rocks a small village in the Adirondack Mountains. The wealthy summer community dissolves overnight and the town falls into a dark, downward spiral. Years later, a beautiful stranger with an untraceable past moves to town awakening people’s long-buried guilt and fear.


A MYSTERY: What destroyed the village of Glendon Lake? Why has Devon Wells chosen to make her home in this isolated, hostile mountain village?

PSYCHOLOGICAL: A story of betrayal and loss, guilt and forgiveness. What causes a mind to self-divide and how can it be healed?

A LOVE STORY: The power of love to heal, unite and transcend the physical realm.

MYSTICAL: Are past and present, this life and the next, separate realities or merely echoes of each other? Are there alternate dimensions of reality?

Review: “The characters are lovingly and enchantingly drawn, and we become enmeshed immediately into the fabric of their lives. It’s beautifully written, and holds one’s interest causing the reader to go just one more chapter. And then another, and another.”

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