Quick and Easy Stress Release

STRESS TEST: Make very tight fists with both hands and hold to the count of 5. Let go. Notice the lingering tension in your hands. 


To release the tension, shake your hands and wiggle your fingers, interlock fingers and stretch. Notice the difference. Stress that is not counteracted and released builds up in the body causing chronic pain. Stress muddles thinking and puts emotions on edge. 

We find situations stressful when we feel threatened and because of what we tell ourselves: I’m in trouble. I can’t keep up. I’m losing control. I’m not getting what I want, expect, need…

         Change your interpretation of a situation and you change its effect on you.

The body reacts to what the mind thinks. Changing  perception changes physical and emotional reactions. It works the other way around as well. Relaxing the body calms the mind and emotions.

We  accumulate stress in our bodies all day long from pressures large and small, real and imagined. Here’s how to let it go…

BREATHE: Just 3-5 minutes of deep breathing a couple of times a day can reduce mental, emotional & physical stress.

SOUND: Energy moves on sound. Talking, sighing, crying releases emotional tension.

LAUGH: Laughter increases blood flow to heart & other organs countering contraction of blood vessels caused by stress.

MOVE: Exercise, stretch, walk, dance. Movement helps release tension and repair physical damage caused by stress.

LISTEN to classical music. WRITE about your feelings. THINK positive thoughts.

People who are pessimistic, inflexible and see themselves as victims are more vulnerable to stress, depression and disease. See previous post: Common Causes and Dangerous Effects of Stress


 “For fast-acting relief, try slowing down.”  Lily Tomlin