1. FIRST IMPRESSIONS & SECOND CHANCES: Why do we instantly like or dislike someone? Discover the secrets of first impressions, and how you can have a positive affect on everyone. 

2. THE POWER OF LAUGHTER: The fastest, easiest, most fun way to improve your physical, emotional and mental health. 

3. UNDERSTANDING THE OPPOSITE SEX: She/he hears what you say but doesn’t know what you mean. Learn why men and women think, feel, behave and communicate differently. 

4. THE ART OF CONVERSATION: Be a great conversationalist! Use proven techniques for good communication. 

5. ARE YOU LISTENING? The goals, skills and rewards of a good listener. Find out how to avoid communication roadblocks and dead ends. 

6. MEMORIES ARE MADE OF THIS: Why we remember some things and forget others. How memories are formed and filed. The affect of attitude and emotions on memory. 

7. MIND & MEMORY: Stimulate your mind and improve your memory. Increase your learning capacity, powers of observation and creativity as you discover the best methods for retaining memories. 

8. MAKE THE BEST OF THE REST OF YOUR LIFE: You’re never too young or too old to make life a happy, healthy experience. Recent research shatters negative myths about aging and reveals lots of good news. 

9. HAPPINESS: What it is and how to have more of it.


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1. COUNTRIES & CULTURES: Cultures are complex social organizations that emerge over time influenced by a wide range of factors including environment, history, religion, communication and economy. Small changes in any of these areas can have major, unforeseen effects on behavior & development.

2. LIFESTYLES PAST & PRESENT:  Lifestyles evolved from nomadic tribes to agrarian settlements to industrial societies to the information age. Perceptions, values, behavior & social structures also changed.

3. THE WORLD WE LIVE IN: An overview of the current state of the world in regard to demographics, health, poverty, environment & education. Major changes in and problems of the modern world.

4. THE ORIGINS OF CUSTOMS & CLICHES: People have celebrated the major rites of passage since primitive times. How present customs & clichés arose from the past.

5. CITIES OF THE WORLD: For the first time in history,more than ½ the world’s population live in urban areas. Take a trip around the globe and visit famous cities, lost cities, rich ones, poor ones, the most populated and the most popular.

6. WHERE IN THE WORLD??? How much do you know about the world we live in? Challenge your brain and increase your travel trivia.